Our Vision

God has instructed us to reach out to the seven counties surrounding Hart County, Kentucky, with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We come to declare Jesus crucified for the sins of mankind, to declare salvation in Him. Salvation is an all-inclusive word meaning eternal life, healing, deliverance, security and total salvation for the total man. God wants us to know what belongs to us through His Son Jesus. We believe God will give us information and inspiration to live a victorious life to His glory.

Our vision goes back many years, but we will share from 1996 until now. "Win them! Wean them! Put them to work! Go into all the world and make disciples of all people!" In 1996, the Spirit led us to purchase 5.52 acres adjacent to our old church building and begin excavation for a new facility. In July of 1997, the Holy Spirit said, "For you must get ready for the great outpouring that will sweep your area. Build! Build! Build! People! People! People! Buildings! Buildings! Buildings! They shall come from the North, East, South and West. "LeGrande" shall indeed by "LeBig." "Take this region for Me," saith the Lord.

We have been working since that moment on people, people, buildings. We know by the Spirit that the latter rain outpouring will not fall on this church until we come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a mature body, unto the measure of the statue of the fullness of Christ the Anointed One. This shall indeed be accomplished and IMC shall become I AM MINISTRIES. We will always be a local New Testament Church and we shall also become a Five Fold Apostolic Ministry equipping men and women for ministry and sending them forth into all the world.